2009-2011, social project

The Fridge made an impression over me as an object in different households. Fridges serve as place where people usually attach shopping lists, leave messages or important information in order to be certainly found. This is a place of your apartment that you will surely stumble on. Here, people usually allocate their family pictures, holiday postcards, child paintings and, of course, the main content is represented by food.

I strived to combine these aspects in the Fridge project – Fridge as a space, object, gallery (white box) as well as foods and drinks connected with a presentation and vernissage. On purpose I started to play a role of host lady, hosewife, who organized artistic meetings.This is why I started to invite artists, who created very interesting artworks and concepts on / in / with the Fridge. These artworks and concepts were presented
during my private home vernissage – a party with invited people.

Gradually Fridge become a popular place of social and art meetings. About 80 guests visited my Fridge.

© 2006 Mira Gáberová